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Tim Frost timfrost at
Mon Apr 6 07:34:46 UTC 2009


Allen's external drive will almost certainly be partitioned, in which
case /dev/sdb is not the correct device.

On Sun, 2009-04-05 at 15:21 -0400, Matthew Flaschen wrote:
> Allen Meyers wrote:
> > I find myself needing documents from Debian when I am in Ubuntu.
> > Whether its relevant or not Ubuntu is sda on HD and Debian is sdb on
> > external.
> sudo mkdir /mnt/debian
> sudo mount /dev/sdb /mnt/debian


Identify the partition where the debian filesystem lives, and mount
that.  you can identify the correct partition while in Ubuntu with the
command 'sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdb'.  Look for a partition with id 83
(Linux), and use that.

If the debian system uses multiple partitions (eg /, /home, /var are on
separate partitions) , you will need to set up the mounts in the correct
sequence.  You may need to boot into debian, and note the mount points
from the mount command.  You will only need to create the root
mountpoint in the Ubuntu filesystem, because you should mount the debian
'/home' as '/mnt/debian/home' when in ubuntu (assuming Matthews
suggested base of /mnt/debian)
> You can easily make this into an fstab.
> Matt Flaschen


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