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Ray Parrish crp at cmc.net
Mon Apr 6 06:08:49 UTC 2009

Allen Meyers wrote:
> The great thing about support from a list like this is one is inspired
> to grow and change. I have goggled a bunch on this home partition
> thing and I did not accept it originally on the live CD option.
> However on reflection I decided to give it a shot via my gparted live
> CD, but now I must mount/fill and activate. Please advise and if it a
> re-install and accept from live CD well advise as well, but I do want
> a functioning home partition and do what I must do to maintain it's
> functionality.
> As always my thanks from little old Wortham Texas
> My recent one and only venture into site design for my town of 1000
>  http://www.worthamtx.com
> Allen Meyers
> texas.chef94 at gmail.com

I checked out your town on it's web site. I was pretty much raised in 
small towns like that. [32 different ones by the time I was a sophomore 
in High School, as my Dad followed heavy construction jobs, wherever 
they popped up, for a living.]

I like your door icons for your links. 8-) That's a pretty intuitive 
navigation artifice. My last two years of high school I finally got to 
spend the rest of, in one school in a very small Indian reservation 
town, and my graduating class consisted of 32 graduates, so I'm no 
stranger to your sort of town.

I did notice that on your front page, the description text lines with 
the black backgrounds beneath the picture of the town, are arranged in 
four overlapping rows, with each lower row partially obscuring the text 
in the line above it.

Oh yeah, I just remembered that that is probably my fault, as I have the 
font sizes in my browser set larger than the defaults, to make it easier 
to read web pages, as so many web masters these days seem to be using 
tiny difficult to read text for some reason. Old eyes need big text! 8-)

Later, Ray Parrish

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