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Derek Broughton derek at
Sun Apr 5 13:25:13 UTC 2009

Thorny wrote:

> [...]
> [Ray Parrish]
>>> Hello,
>>> Just wanted to address a small fine point here. When starting a GUI
>>> application with root privileges, such as gedit you need to use the
>>> gksu command on the start of the line, not the sudo command, which is
>>> used for command line programs. so the earlier given command to edit
>>> menu.lst should be -

> [Leonard Chatagnier]
>> Very strange, to me anyway, that you said and experienced what you did
>> above.  Although, I've read on the list about using gksu ipo sudo for
>> gui applications, I've never had an issue using sudo nano 

But "nano" is not a "gui" app.  The difference is using gnome/kde/etc apps
versus console apps.

>> I don't 
>> understand the need for the &, why would anyone stop a terminal session
>> while editing from it?

LOL.  The number of times I start kate from a konsole and _then_ want to do
something else in that konsole...  (even though there's a terminal in the
kate session!).  Most times I want _that_ specific konsole session because
it has a particular command in the bash history.  So you either background
the controlling session for kate, or you start a new konsole session, or
you make do with the kate-internal terminal (or you remember to fix bash
history so all sessions share the same history - I know that can be done,
but I forget...).

> I think the difference "strangeness" probably stems from the different
> "environment" one can be in when they start a terminal with gksu than when
> one starts a program as sudo. 

Indeed.  It's primarily only an issue if "sudo CMD" would create some file
as root _in_ your home directory.  Try editing a file with "sudo nano" - in
your home folder (ie, one you wouldn't normally need sudo for), save, exit,
and now do the same _without_ sudo.  Bet you have trouble because the
backup file is owned by root...

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