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Sun Apr 5 22:52:03 UTC 2009

Richard Mancusi wrote:
> On Sun, Apr 5, 2009 at 00:44, Lucio M Nicolosi <lmnicolosi at> wrote:
>> It seems that the last NVidia driver available through Synaptic 180.*
>> (180.44 for Jaunty Beta) will do.
>> After a successful install, once your system is running, it will
>> eventually offer a NVidia proprietary driver. Once the driver is
>> installed, Ubuntu will automatically compile it and (after restart)
>> make available all resolutions and Visual Effects (Compiz) as well as
>> nvidia-settings (System - Administration - NVidia), the tool for
>> configuring the NVIDIA graphics driver.
>> No need to even go to the NVidia site but this is the link:
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> Thank you very much - this exactly the detailed reply I needed.
> best regards
> -rich

Ok, now let me rain on your parade. 8-) Your Nvidia cards seem to be a 
much higher model number than mine is, and also have a lot more RAM of 
their own, and you *are* installing to 8.10, whereas I'm still using 
8.04, so things may have improved somewhat, but in my experience Nvidia 
drivers can be a real bear to get your system to begin using.

When I first installed Ubuntu it took four or five tries with different 
methods, to get Ubuntu to start using the Nvidia driver instead of the 
the default vga driver. Once it does finally take, and begin being used, 
they work really well, and 3D, and acceleration and all of those good 
things seem to work great.

The thing that finally got Ubuntu to use the Nvidia driver in my case, 
was using a package called displayconfig-gtk which installs as "Screens 
and Graphics" on the Applications, Other menu. This package allows you 
to select Brand name and Model numbers for your video card and monitor 
from lists in it's interface, and then writes the appropriate settings 
to your xorg.conf file.

Many other people have had battles with their setups when attempting to 
get Nvidia video card drivers installed, as a quick Google should show 
you, and different methods were needed in each different situation to 
get them working, so you might do some reading up on threads about the 
problem, to get an idea of some of the things you can try if it doesn't 
go smoothly for you either.

That being said, I hope you actually report back that 8.10 has solved 
the problem, and you have no problems with them at all. 8-)

Later, Ray Parrish

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