printers for UBUNTU?

squareyes squareyes at
Sun Apr 5 16:43:13 UTC 2009

NoOp wrote:
> On 03/30/2009 08:06 PM, squareyes wrote:
>> I have just plugged in an Epson Stylus Photo R230, pleasantly surprised,
>> message popped up "Epson... now installed and ready for use"  Didn't 
>> need to install anything,
>> 8.04 did it all, just works. Cannot print to inkjet printable CD's 
>> though, but expected that.
> You might have a look at:
> and
> to see if any of those drivers will enable CD printing.
> Also, you might try the R220 version of Turboprint (it's commercial but
> you can test for free).
> <>
> Printing to CD is supported for the R220.
> I use Turboprint for my Canon MP750 & the US models do not have a CD
> print try; however there is a mod to make one. Anyway, when I upgraded
> to the latest version of Turboprint I was pleasantly surprised to see
> that the driver actually supports printing to CD for my printer; the
> previous version did not.
many thanks NoOp, installed Turboprint and writing on CD's works with 
the R220 driver.
Turboprint looks very useful, should have installed it a long time ago.
Again many thanks.
Take Care

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