Edubuntu 8.04 query

Derek Broughton derek at
Sun Apr 5 12:16:58 UTC 2009

Bret Busby wrote:

> On Fri, 3 Apr 2009, Derek Broughton wrote:
>>>> So install to a USB stick.  It'll be faster than the CD and last week I
>>>> saw a 16GB USB stick for $15.
> Out of interest, while 16GB USB things might sell for about $15 in
> Canada, I think that 8GB one's sell for about $50 here in Western
> Australia.

They don't "sell for" $15 here - I think the normal price is at least twice
that, but USB sticks are one of the most common loss-leader sale items I
see, and so last week I could have had one for that price.
> An aspect of this, that I have posted in a parallel query for the
> SkoleLinux people, is that, with a Live didsk version of an education -
> based distribution of Linux, is that, apart from being able to take the
> disk, and run it, at the time of demonstration, without altering the
> victim's computer, by installing software or otherwise, is that such a
> disck can be left with the person, to play with at the person's leisure,
> so that the person gan give the software a really good trial, when the
> person has the time, once again, without making any changes to the
> person's computer (unless the person does something like creating files
> with Open Office, and saves the files to the person's computer hard
> drive).

Sure, but you still want to demo it initially on your own machine.  _Then_
leave the CD or USB stick with them. 

> It is covenience with no risk or disruption.

The _risk_ is that it might simply not work on unknown hardware.  Nothing is
without risk :-)

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