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> >
> > > I have two laptops each running both windows and
> Intrepid.  I need a good
> > > guide to activate file sharing and can't seem
> to find one.  The one
> > > computer is running windows vista, the other xp,
> and both have Intrepid.
> >
> > I don't have a clue why you're having trouble

Big snip
> Thanks again for the list, but none of them solve my
> problem.
No expert here, but have you tried setting up smb.conf or are you just using the default. Either way, you could post your smb.conf and perhaps someone expert in samba can find a problem with it. You do have to specify which files you want to share. I always found smb.conf difficult to setup properly but NoOP help me get it right but he wont be available til Monday.
Have you enabled file sharing in your gnome or kde menus?  Also, windows has to have some setup work done also in network interfaces or mounting network drives, something to that effect. I believe you also have to have the same user name setup in both windows and ubuntu for samba to work although some on the list have said no to this but it's the only way I could share.
Have you tried Nautilus or Dolphin in Ubuntu to see if you can mount or connect to server for the files shared on windows. You should be able to do this when everything is setup properly and, of course, both machines must be running-:))
You originally asked for guides but if you want help to get it working please provide any error output you see and more detail on just what and how you are trying to connect and share files.
This may not help much but may get you started. I suspect the answer you want is found in the guide references given by Thorny but they may not be easy to find.
HTH and post back if you still need help, giving details on what you've done and any error output.
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