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Ray Parrish crp at
Sat Apr 4 23:41:32 UTC 2009

> Ray Parrish wrote:
>> Thanks for that bit of information. Now I'm wishing even more that my 
>> Ubuntu Live CD would still work, so I could check to see if it will use 
>> an existing swap file as well. Woops I forgot! That won't work on my 
>> system anyway, I don't have a swap partition, as I screwed up during a 
>> re-installation of Ubuntu, which was necessary after messing up, and 
>> freezing up the Gparted Live CD while resizing partitions. I neglected 
>> to create a swap partition then, so I'm using a swap file instead.
> You can resize partitions after the fact. Make sure you back up the
> partition that you want to resize, unmount it, and then use the resizing
> tools appropriate for your filesystem. I've done it many times and have
> never had a problem.
I know that.. it was what I was doing with Gparted Live, but I got bored 
while it was doing the resize to reapportion space between Ubuntu and 
Windows XP, and began playing with things on the Gparted Live interface 
screen which was the only thing showing on my toy [this computer] at the 
time. When I stupidly decided to change the setting of one of the 
elements of it's interface to "hidden" or some such [can't remember 
exactly] it dutifully attempted to write the settings change to the read 
only CD, which froze Gparted up hard in the middle of the resizing 
operation. OOPS!!!

I got really, really, lucky, as it hadn't messed with the XP partition 
yet, but it had managed to make grub toss an error message on my attempt 
to boot after doing a hard power down. The only recourse I knew of at 
the time, as it was right after my first install ever of Ubuntu, was 
reinstalling Ubuntu which luckily fixed the problem. It wasn't  much of 
a big deal, as I had not stored any data on the Ubuntu side of my 
machine yet, so I didn't lose anything.

But I did use the manual method of partition control during the 
re-install, and forgot to add a swap partition. The swap file I'm using 
works great as is, and allows me to resize it very easily, should the 
need arise, so I don't see any reason to attempt adding a dedicated swap 
partition now. My Ubuntu partition has plenty of space to accommodate 
the I GiB swap file I'm using.

I learn from my mistakes better than I do from just reading things, so 
it was actually a positive experience in the end. 8-)

Later, Ray Parrish

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