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Ray Parrish crp at
Sat Apr 4 19:46:11 UTC 2009

Chris Mohler wrote:
> On Sat, Apr 4, 2009 at 2:17 PM, Ray Parrish <crp at> wrote:
> [...]
>> The thing that has me puzzled, is where exactly are these anti virus
>> applications, and their updates being installed to?
> Into RAM (tempfs).
> Chris
Hmmm, very interesting! If I could still get my Ubuntu Live Cd to boot 
without errors, I'd give that a try. Unfortunately the very same CD I 
used to install Ubuntu with, will no longer complete loading the kernel, 
but errors out each time now during that stage. I only used it a couple 
of times to install Ubuntu, then kept it safe away in it's protective 
sleeve, and now it will not work anymore. 8-( I didn't burn it myself 
either, it was one of the free discs obtainable on request from Ubuntu.

I'm not real sure how well that would work on my system, with as little 
RAM as I have, and with no swap file in use, it could get a little 
dicey. 8-)

Thanks for the clarification, it had been bugging me to death.

Later, Ray Parrish

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