[Jaunty] Gnome failure after upgrade

Jim Smith jim at oz.net
Sat Apr 4 18:37:29 UTC 2009

After running the dist upgrade via "gksu "upgrade-manager -d" there is a
serious problem with Gnome. It appears to start normally, but then with
any mouse movement or attempt to select items the screen begins to go
black in sections. I first thought it was due to an upgrade failure of
Python-minimal (bug filed) but that seemed to be corrected with todays
upgrades. Possibly Compiz related as that is my Gnome window manager,
but without being able to get into gnome I can't turn that off to check.
Fortunately I have xfce so the whole machine is not hosed. Waiting out
the upgrade process may in fact be the best solution. Otherwise machine
is fully functional and working well under Jaunty.
Has anyone else encountered a similar problem?


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