URL's in a e-mail msg will not startup firefox...???

Larry Shields larryesu at charter.net
Sat Apr 4 12:25:02 UTC 2009

Sundar Nagarajan wrote:
> Larry Shields wrote:
>> *Here is my problem, when someone sends a URL in a e-mail msg, when I 
>> click on it, it will not bring up firefox...
>> I am using Thunderbird as my mail client, now can anyone tell me what I 
>> need to do for it to work...???
>> Thanks for any help on this...
>> Larry
> Open the config editor in Thunderbird (under 
> Edit-->Preferences-->Advanced --> Config Editor) and edit the following 
> keys setting them to /usr/bin/firefox
> network.protocol-handler.app.http
> network.protocol-handler.app.https
*Hello Sundar,

Thanks for the input concerning this problem, I looked in the advanced 
area in the config editor, but did not see the 
network.protocal-handler.app.http nor https...

Am I supposed to add those to the files...???

At anyrate, I just downloaded TB via synaptic, everything is working 
just fine...

Thanks again for the reply...


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