Logitech MX5000 not working properly

Amedee Van Gasse (ubuntu) amedee-ubuntu at amedee.be
Sat Apr 4 10:59:00 UTC 2009

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Amedee Van Gasse (ubuntu) schreef:
> Thorny schreef:
>> [...]
>>> I have a Logitech MX5000. This is a bluetooth keyboard/mouse
>> combination
>>> with an usb bluetooth dongle. The keyboard has an LCD that shows when
>>> it's (dis)connected.
>> [...]
>>> The symptoms:
>>> * Turn the computer on, with the dongle plugged in. * The keyboard
>>> becomes responsive after a few seconds, just in time to use it for
>>> "Press F1 to enter setup", "Press F8 to enter boot menu" --> typical
>>> BIOS messages. * After the usual hardware checks, I get the GRUB menu. I
>>> can use the keyboard.
>>> * I can use the keyboard during the init scripts. * I have automatic
>>> login. (I'm the only user) * The keyboard and the mouse do not work in
>>> Gnome. * There is a bluetooth icon in the top bar. * I unplug and replug
>>> the usb dongle. * Bluetooth icon disappears. * The keyboard and mouse
>>> work.
>>> * Bluetooth icon doesn't come back.
>> [...]
>>> I would like to hear about further troubleshooting that I could do to
>>> investigate this problem.
>> I don't really know anything about Bluetooth, and you've probably already
>> checked the logs, eh? Is there anything in the messages log that might be
>> relevant to the issue at the time you unplug and re-plug the dongle? 
> I unplugged the bluetooth dongle at 10:01:01, and plugged it back in at
> 10:01:04. I'll wait for feedback before I do anything else that was
> suggested, like uninstalling bluetooth.


Seems like it is a bug after all.
I added this to the bug report:


I found a procedure that works for me. I don't consider it a fix but a
workaround, so please do NOT consider the bug fixed.
It should still be fixed to work out of the box.
I have not yet rebooted!!!

* uninstall all bluez-related packages
* install bluez-compat
* install blueman from the ppa (instructions are found elsewhere)
* attach a spare keyboard (an perhaps mouse) with a wire (usb or ps2).
All typing and mousing has to be done with the spare keyboard until the
procedure is complete.

* keyboard
* multimedia keys (volume control, play/stop/prev/next, media library,
email, others not tested/configured)
* mouse + all mouse buttons
* other bluetooth devices (paired with Nokia 6680)

The problem was usually that you had either keyb+mouse OR other
bluetooth devices, not both. With this fix, both work.

Based on http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=6284259&postcount=37

To enable bluetooth mode of your keyboard and mouse, you have to press
the red button on the usbstick and plug it in while the red button is
pressed. You'll notice that bluetooth icon apears in on the top right
panel. Then run Terminal> hcitool dev:
which gives:
Devices:hci0 00:07:55:ZZ:YY:XX -> this means your bluetooth is connected
and recognized

Write in terminal hidd -s but don't hit Enter yet. Take the keyboard in
your hands, turn it around and you'll see a little red button. Press it
few times and in terminal hit enter to run hidd -s. You'll notice hidd
will try to find any bluetooth device in the range and normally it'll
find your keyboard. If not found try pressing the red button again and
running hidd few times too.
Repeat the procedure for the mouse. The mouse is in pairing mode when
all the power indicator leds are flashing at the same time. Repeat a
couple of times if it doesn't work the first time.

If keyboard and mouse are found, start blueman-manager.
Click search and press the red button on the bottom of the keyboard a
couple of times. Normally the keyboard should be found. Connect and
enter a pin code. Confirm the pincode on the BT keyboard. The keyboard
should work now.
Repeat the procedure for the mouse. Normally it should not ask you for a
PIN code. If it does, try with 0000, 1111, 9999 or 1234 - these are
common default PIN codes for Logitech devices.

To repeat: the bug is not fixed, this is just a workaround. This
complicated is not needed for other distributions.
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