Hard Question

H.S. hs.samix at gmail.com
Fri Apr 3 18:33:17 UTC 2009

Karl F. Larsen wrote:
>     I know that somehow, I think the kernel, must look for the wireless 

I think udev is responsible to look for/discover hardware (along with hal?).

> hardware and then read it and determine what it is, and then choose the 
> proper kernel drivers to make wireless work. I have a Atheros wireless 
> device on my laptop and it seems to be using ath_? devices. One is 
> called ath_pci and this makes me guess it is the thing that finds the 
> hardware. Then ath5k is the driver the kernel uses to make wireless work.
>     Am I full of it, or is this about how it works. I need to know so I 
> can check the Jaunty updates for a problem.
> Karl


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