Best Backup software for Ubuntu 8.10

art artmartz at
Fri Apr 3 14:15:40 UTC 2009

Thorny wrote:
> But, as Derek stated it's a utility, rsync is not some GUI that lets you
> click, click and done. And. as Chris pointed out, the manual page needs to
> be consulted.
For what it's worth, I *like* a gui for the backup and restore.  Kdar's 
works well for me.  I also like the basic underlying function of dar 
that write the data into "slices" of user-defined size.  My 320g hard 
drive backs up into 20+ 4g slices on my external hard drive.  These 
could, if I wanted, be burned out to DVDs for more permanent storage. 
But it's not the backup, it's the restore that's important.  Kdar's gui 
makes it a piece of cake to restore a file or folder, in the same place 
or to a new place, whatever you need.

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