Acrobat reader

Linda haniganwork at
Fri Apr 3 13:55:04 UTC 2009

Chris Taylor wrote:
> I'm trying to open a PDF file it opens but will not print, Printer 
> working fine even in Acrobat reader other files.
> I was trying to download reader ver 9.1 is there a repo that I can 
> include to do this
 It can be helpful to have multiple pdf readers on your machine. Often 
if the file will not open or fails to print with one, another will work 
just fine. It may be that the file has a misconfiguration error such as 
a missing space. Postscript files will display to the point of an error, 
but will not print.  I am guessing PDF works the same way. Another 
solution for a file you can view but can't print is to do a screen shot 
and print that instead.

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