Linux detected Texas Instruments device in ExpressCard/34, but firewire not recognized. Drivers problem.

Nuno Ribeiro nmpribeiro at
Thu Apr 2 15:33:58 UTC 2009

I have already post this subject earlier, but I have new information. This
seams to be an unsupported linux Card, so I am wondering how can I try to
help support it.
I have the following info:

lspci -v:

No firewire is detected. But the in built controler is. The product is the
ExpressCard/34 2FireWire Port, part no. 51500 web:

It's inbuilt controller is XIO2000A from Texas Instruments (as far as linux
detects my PCIe Card):

LINDY reply my email saying no Linux support offered (yeah nice! very nice,
spend money! do the same!)
I'm wainting for Texas Instuments reply of something, at least, direction to
where might I find some help.

How can I try to find kernel developers or kernel module developers to seek
for support?
I'm just a newbie. I'll not be able to solution this myself, as I only
consume tech.

Reagards everyone
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