Problems booting Jaunty in LiveUSB.

Daniel E. Rozo L. dani_rolo7 at
Thu Apr 2 13:16:58 UTC 2009

Hello everyone.

I've been in Ubuntu for abour a year now, and I suffer of versionitis. Anyway, as soon as Jaunty beta was released I downloaded it and made up a LiveUSB with Unetbootin, it tryied to boot...buuut, after usplash a message error promptd:

Modprobe: FATAL: /lib/modules/(uname -r)-generic/modules.dep no such file or directory. Could not load modules.dep.

Something like that, don't remember exactly. So I thought it was an Unetbootin problem, so I used Syslinux, same problem, posted In ubuntuforums, 1 answer but no solutions.

Does anyone of you, guys, know how to solve this?.

PD: Alpha 6 installed correctly from LiveUSB in a Dell Inspiron 1501, 2Gb Ram, Ati x1150, AMD Turion mk-36. But I installed 8.10 again, now I want to try beta, without upgrading from Alpha (even if I wanted to, Alpha is not there now)

With kind regards, Daniel.

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