Best Backup software for Ubuntu 8.10

Eberhard Roloff tuxebi at
Thu Apr 2 11:13:02 UTC 2009

gremlin linuxhelp wrote:
>     Thx Sambit I will check it out. But I am still looking for more info
>     on backup software so Iwould get a better general idea on different
>     solutions to my problem here.
> I have a HP Proliant 110G5 server with 2GB of ram and 160GB RAID SATA 
> HDDs in RAID 1 array.
> 5 windows PCs from where Iwant to backup my documents folders only. No 
> version keeping is needed.
> 1 Mac OS laptop
> 1 Linux Ubuntu Ibex from where I want to backup /home directory
> oh and about 5 - 7 more win PCs over VPN connection also my documents 
> has to be backuped.
> net speed is 5Mbps download speed for theserver and about 1 Mbps for win 
> clients.
This IMHO requires a differential backup solution. As differential 
backups are not good when it comes to restore. ;-))),
I would suggest to use hard link-backups that combine differential 
backups into a "virtual" full backup, which is very easy to restore from.

There a some solutions that had been given. I am using rsnapshot for the 
purpose. It is very easy to configure and it can backup locally and 
remote. Remote workstations can be Lin or Win.

Generally rsnapshot does backups via rsync over ssh. For windows clients 
you will either need cygwin or alternatively install cwrsync and one of 
several ssh server packages that are available for windows. When 
security of the rsync data stream is no concern (i.e. on a private 
network or via vpn), you can also do your remote backups via rsync, 
leaving ssh out.

Lastly: There is no best backup software, it depends...

kind regards

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