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norman norman at
Thu Apr 2 09:58:07 UTC 2009

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> OOo has reverse-engineered support for .doc files, however,
> rarely-implemented features such as those possibly used in the OP's
> file are not well tested as they are not widely used. The OP should
> file an issue with OOo and attach the file. With Norman's permission,
> I will do the triaging and file the issue myself if he cannot.

Dotan, you have my permission to do with the file whatever you so wish.
> Of course, it should be obvious that .doc files are designed to be
> difficult to open with anything other than MS Office. They are pretty
> much memory dumps of MS Office, and earlier versions of MS Office have
> a hard time with them. The .docx files, however, are XML and designed
> to be opened in differing applications. But the spec is horribly long
> (over 6000 pages) and like ODF there is no reference implementation.
> Even MS Office 2007 does not fully implement the spec, and gets parts
> if it wrong.

This is all beyond me but I am sure it must mean lots to some people.


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