Derek Broughton derek at
Thu Apr 2 01:55:07 UTC 2009

Steve Reilly wrote:

> Kjetil Halvorsen wrote:
>> I want to experiment with plone. I installed zope/plone (site-plone3)
>> from synaptic, but what to do
>> from there? I can find no entries in ubuntu menu Applications.
> plone isnt an application you run like say open office or gimp.  its
> installed on a webserver and runs through a web browser. 

You don't see any menu entries for Apache either...

> you may want 
> to take a look at the install docs and support pages, etc on plones
> site.

That said, and much as I love Ubuntu, installing Plone from Ubuntu is pretty
pointless.  It's now, by plone standards, a truly ancient release.  You
won't get much help from any of the plone lists, other than to suggest you
upgrade to 3.2.  Plone doesn't work with the standard Python (it needs
2.4), and Plone 2.5 doesn't work with eggs.

Save yourself a whole lot of aggravation and install Plone from

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