installing 8.04 on sata drives prob

James Takac p3nndrag0n at
Thu Apr 2 02:07:25 UTC 2009

Hi Guys

I'm having probs installing ubuntu (32 bit) on a friends pc. Have loaned one 
of mine till I sort this out. Both live and alternate cds pass the integrity 
check yet both throw up read errors during the install phase. Both HDD and 
DVD drive are sata and bios shows them both on the same ide interface (#3) 
with the HDD as master and the DVD as slave. The processor is a 2.4g P4 
celeron. Do I need to set specific parameters for the sata drives in BIOS 
maybe? The mobo is an ASUS PSGC-MX if that also helps. I'm not having much 
luck via google but suspect the prob to be related to both drives being sata 
and/or settings for the drives. Any ideas I can try?


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