Wireless setup with Ubuntu

Karl Larsen klarsen1 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 1 21:45:51 UTC 2009

The only successful wireless I have ever had is with my 8.10 on my 
laptop. Even this is quite hard to get right because there are now 3 
strong wireless signals in my room.

What happens first when you boot up is a panel that will not go away 
until I give it my password. Then the network-manager tries to connect 
to the first strong wireless but of course it fails because we have the 
wrong password.

After a while it quits and then tries the next strong wireless signal 
with the same wrong password. Panels with the information for each 
wireless signal will be displayed and all I can do is click on "OK" or 
"Cancel". Or I can put a different password in.

Now it just quits sending panels and I can click on the two tiny 
computers and get a list of the wireless signals I am receiving. This is 
VERY important! On Ubuntu that are not going to be able to use wireless, 
you click on the computers and you see no wireless listed. This bodes 
poor for that system.

This laptop has a good wireless signal from belkin54g, greg, and 
myquest1609. Once you get set to see these on your computer your home 
free and you can get wireless working. The belkin54g is my wireless router.

I need to refine my setup and will try to find the panel that gives the 
belkin54g the right password and tell it to do that automatic and first.


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