Trying to DUMP Windows.... But

Thorny thorntreehome at
Wed Apr 1 10:39:19 UTC 2009

On Tue, 31 Mar 2009 10:24:10 -0700, NoOp posted:
> Installing an alpha or beta version of Ubuntu is not for the faint-of-
> heart, or beginner. You may get extremely lucky and everything will work
> upon install. But more than likely, even if it does work on install,
> you'll then receive an update/fix that may break the system again
> (remember it's a beta). A few days later another update/fix may come along
> that resolves the problem, etc., but anytime you run a beta you should be
> prepared for an unstable environment.

These are wise words that NoOp has posted. Often in a search for the
latest and greatest, inexperienced users get themselves in trouble from
which they lack the skill set to recover.

Maybe Brian McKee will pick this up for his information page.

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