ExpressCard/34 not supported in linux by manufacturer

Nuno Ribeiro nmpribeiro at
Wed Apr 1 09:56:17 UTC 2009

An e-mail has come from LINDY, saying it offers no support for linux. They
recomend the ubuntu forums where I have already been (or to buy a new one
lol, i can have windows installed just for capture :] but will be the vista
that came with the laptop and I hate vista).

Anyone interested in making it work?

PCI-ExpressCard/34 2 Firewire Port, you can see it here ->

Nuno Ribeiro
On Tue, Mar 31, 2009 at 10:32 PM, Nils Kassube <kassube at> wrote:

> Nuno Ribeiro wrote:
> > Hi. I didn't understood how could I reply a daily digest from ubuntu
> > mailing list. Could you put this back in the mailling list please?
> The digest mode is not very good for replying to the list. Anyway, I
> think you would reply to the mail as usual and then:
> a) Replace the To: address with the list address (if necessary).
> b) Replace the subject with the one of the original thread.
> c) Delete all those other mails from the reply which have nothing to do
> with your subject.
> > Yes, I had the Card pluged in. I don't found anything about my card
> > being supported in linux, however, the more linux is compatiblie,
> > more users might came end up here.
> Well, then it looks like your card isn't supported.
> > Ok, It was supposed to be plug and play.
> Plug and play - yes, but only for Windows, I suppose.
> > How can I get support,
> You could ask your vendor if they have a Linux driver for the card, but
> I'm more pessimistic about your chances they can help.
> > or at
> > least debug my error to development teams to try to find a generic
> > solution.
> As there is nothing seen with lspci, I suppose it is very difficult
> without more information about the chipset. Maybe someone else has an
> idea?
> > In my desktop, with a PCI slot, everything works fine, and the same
> > raw1394 permissions were set. The problem is that the card seams to
> > have a in built controller that is not loaded. In wintows it says
> > something like OHCI compliant device installed and some more advices.
> Well, the raw1394 permissions are a software setting which only applies
> _if_ there is a hardware that is supported by Linux. Without the
> supported hardware the permissions don't help.
> Nils
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