wicd doesn't work

Res res at ausics.net
Wed Apr 1 02:33:01 UTC 2009

On Tue, 31 Mar 2009, NoOp wrote:

>> Last time I looked wicd did not support VPN's (although I heard last
>> they were working that), but that's fine for people who know what they 
>> doing and can set it up manally, but for those who dont.....

?Still nothing built in that I'm aware of:


>I've not tried the vpn support in Network Manager (I let the router do
>it), but I do know that there seem to have been considerable add-on's
>for vpn in the 8.10 Network Manager.

It works well, except with dialup, as NM doesnt allow you to use it, 
not here anyway, but thats easy fixed using ppp script.

>Agreed. I switched to wicd on the laptop because I was having issues
>with NM and static IP assignments w/Intrepid & got tired of chasing the
>bug reports. wicd allows me to plug in the wire and have 192.168.xxx.xxx

Yes that is a right PITA, I took hte easy way out and set the home router 
DHCP to assign the laptops "static" IP via MAC address, since the office
based IPs are immaterial to me.


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