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Wed Apr 1 00:49:46 UTC 2009

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Derek Broughton wrote:
> David Gerard wrote:
>> 2009/3/29 Marc <marcsje at>:
>>> Sense Hofstede schreef:
>>>> There are indeed very few -- close to no-- virusses active for Linux.
>>>> However, cookies are platform independant and can be safed at all
>>>> platforms if a browser that supports cookies is being used.
>>>> The greatest part of the result list of programs like Spybot S&D
>>>> consists of tracking cookies. So on Windows you can track them down
>>>> and remove them. In Ubuntu however, there is no such program available
>>>> and the tracking cookies keep living happily in your browser for
>>>> eternity if you visit the right website often enough.
>>> You set "cookies off" in firefox, is it that simple??
>> Or tell the user to switch off their computer entirely, even simpler!
>> And about as helpful in any practical sense. Well done.
> OK, that's maybe a little extreme, but I don't find it impractical to browse
> with konqueror set to prompt before accepting cookies, and iirc Firefox can
> do the same.  So I accept cookies from sites I know - and that must have
> cookies for login purposes.  I never accept cookies if I don't need them to
> login to a site.
There is a simple solution
In Firefox, go to Edit, Preferences, Privacy and uncheck Accept
third-party cookies. Then check Always clear my private data when I
close Firefox. Then Settings to the right of that check cookies and
everything except saved passwords if you use that option.

No more tracking cookies. Or saved web page data, either.

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