Just upgraded to Intrepid ; networking issues

custom at freenet.de custom at freenet.de
Fri Oct 31 10:43:08 UTC 2008

It seems improvements were made to wireless networking in Intrepid; on
the previous Ubuntu version, WiFi didn't work on my Lenovo T61 laptop.  
It does seem to work now, at least, a lot more things work now that
didn't before :

 - The hardware Wireless network indicator light blinks on my laptop
 - Initially Network Manager woulnd't run, so I configured the SSID
manually, after that the network manager icon did appear and now shows
all available networks.
 - It connects to the network, if I do 'ifconfig' I see that it assigns
an IP and gateway..

Just the final step: I can't get to any website.. So it seems like a DNS
issue?   It's got to be in Ubuntu though, it works when I boot into
Vista.  I can even ping my DNS server on it's public IP. 

Now, here is where it actually gets weird: I noticed that the network
settings moved into Preferences. However when I make a change to
manually enter a DNS server, it doesn't accept any change and claims
it's 'read only'.  Previously there was the 'unlock' option after which
changes could be made, but Ibex doesn't seem to allow any change at all?


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