about 3d and transparent desktop?

David Curtis dcurtis at uniserve.com
Fri Oct 31 09:53:19 UTC 2008

loody wrote:
>>> I have intalled the package you mentioned on my xubuntu system.
>>> Would you please tell me how to enable it?
>>> appreciate your help,
>>> miloody
>> You need to install both the compiz meta package _and_
>> compizconfig-settings-manager. After you have those installed the
>> settings manager will be under Applications->Settings->CompizConfig
>> Settings Manager.
> Hi:
> I installed the package you mentioned, and I see
> Applications->Settings->advance Desktop settings.
> I go in to the setting page and do the setting.
> I still cannot see my desktop rotate as 3d cubic.
> How to enable it?
> appreciate your help,
> miloody
I'm not sure what to tell you, compizconfig-settings-manager has been 
available since Gutsy(7.10). Are you sure you have it installed?

If so, and if it's not showing up in the Applications menu maybe your 
running a gnome session not an xfce session. The menus might be 
different. Can anyone on gnome confirm this?

Sorry, can't really help you anymore than I already have.


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