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Bill Walton bill.walton at
Fri Oct 31 03:38:52 UTC 2008

Hi Bo,

Bo Grimes wrote:

> when I go to the
> graphics sub-menu and click f-spot I get "F-Spot Encountered a Fatal
> then this stuff about "an unhandled exception was thrown: F-Spot cannot
> the Dbus session bus.  Make sure dbus is configured properly or start a
> session for f-spot using "dbus-launch f-spot"
> But, if I type f-spot from the command line it runs no problems, and if I
> click on the 'run application' icon I added to my panel and type in f-spot
> it runs fine.
> So I check out the properties of the f-spot launcer in the menu, it says
> command to run it is "f-spot"--the very samew command I type at the bash
> prompt and the same command I type into the run application dialogue.

I'd take a look at your permissions.  It looks to me like maybe there're two
owners: the owner of command window (which has permission) and the owner of
the window command (which doesn't).

Best regards,

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