live preview on monitor: hardware or software related?

Wade Smart wadesmart at
Thu Oct 30 17:30:44 UTC 2008

20081030 1221 GMT-6

Bear with me while I explain this.

I help construct a digital billboard a few years back. The company that 
supplied it went out of business just recently. The software the runs 
the board is outdated and I cant find a copy of it anywhere. The 
computer that its running on is a old Asus from about 2002 or 2003. The 
OS though is Win 98. Since we cant get any help with the software or any 
support they called me back to get me to develop a solution.

What Im doing is moving them over the Ubuntu and developing a server app 
instead of dedicated software.

Here is what I need help on: On the pc monitor of the computer there is 
a 4in by 4in window in the top left hand corner. Its a live view of the 
billboard as it circulates though the ads. But if you move your cursor 
over it, its shows up on the screen.

My question is - to whoever might have an answer - would that be 
hardware or software that does that? They want that live shot but not 
the way it is as the computer screen is unusable - afraid something 
might cover up the image.

If its just software related Im not that worried about moving them over 
but if its hardware... that might be a Windows only thing.. I have no idea.

I cant take the computer down to inspect it as its running the 
billboard, there is no backup, and the start up time is about an hour to 
get things working again. That is money they dont want to lose.

I think this is a really great project to stick ubuntu in but, just need 
some help.


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