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>my question is I am looking to replace Windows XP permanently, my wife 
has several games she bought that we have installed on our system and I am 
running Microsoft >Money, any way to support these while running ubuntu? 
thanks,  don

There are different ways to go about this.  You can install wine in 
ubuntu, install Virtualbox to run a virtual machine if your hardware 
supports it, or make a dual-boot machine.  The way to go depends on what 
you want to run. 
On the wine webpage, it says that ms Money 2007 works very well 
(http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=5691). There 
is only one review with a recent version of wine, so if you do not have 
Money 2007, you might want to google to see if this is fixed for previous 
versions.  I would guess that it is, but I don't use Money so don't take 
my word for it :) 
If you have a recent computer, it probably supports virtualization.  That 
way you can install XP and fire it up when you need it.
If you are playing high-end games, you will not get them to work on 
anything but windows.  The game creators ignore every other operating 
system and the way they code the  graphics makes it very hard to get 
working.  I personally have a dual-boot just to play games like The Elder 
Scrolls: Oblivion.  then you would want to make your computer a dual-boot. 
 I recommend getting another hard drive to make things easier but that is 
in no way a requirement.
We would need some more specifics on what you would be using it for to 
help you make a better choice.  What games would be played, what hardware 
do you have, etc.
For everything else, you will have no problems using Ubuntu (or Kubuntu) 
for your everyday use.  I go to college online and I can do everything 
using my Kubuntu.  You may also want to consider using a different 
desktop.  Ubuntu uses the Gnome desktop by default which has good 
functionality and looks more Mac-like, but may not be the best looking to 
your taste.  Kubuntu is the very same ubuntu kernel but uses the KDE 
desktop, which also has high-functionality and looks more Windows-like. It 
also is much prettier.  See, one of the good things about linux is that 
you have a choice!
Hope this helps.


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