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Hey don,
First as an alternative way you can use ubuntu as a second OS in your pc. If 
xp is already installed in your pc you can install ubuntu from its cd and 
when you start your pc you gonna see Ubuntu and Xp in the list and you will 
choose which one of them you wanna use but your question is I think to make 
work those games and your Microsoft Money. There is a program as Wine and it 
makes some of Windows application work in Ubuntu. For most of the games you 
will go on to use XP again because it is not that succesful to play windows 
games in Ubuntu. But I am sure there are games and applications as an 
alternative in Ubuntu. And also there is an application in Ubuntu which is 
called as Virtual Box and with this you can install Xp and when ever you 
need it you can open xp in ubuntu as a applicaiton. I will also try this 
after installing 8.10 the latest edition of  Ubuntu.

Hope this is helpful for you at least to get some ideas
Thank you

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> my question is I am looking to replace Windows XP permanently, my wife has 
> several games she bought that we have installed on our system and I am 
> running Microsoft Money, any way to support these while running ubuntu? 
> thanks,  don
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