Which notebook/mini-pci WiFi doesn't suck (on Intrepid)?

Jonathan Hirschman jonathan at hirschman.net
Thu Oct 30 05:05:03 UTC 2008

I recently obtained an MSI Wind netbook. Fine machine, except for the 
Ralink WiFi. Totally unusable on Windows (didn't test on Ubuntu), and I 
want to dual-boot.

Next stop was to crack the machine open and pop in an Intel 3945ABG card 
in. Couldn't get "A" to work at all (my password/passkey wouldn't work). 
"G" works, but is horrendously slow. I could try ndiswrapper, but that 
seems more work than putting in a new card.

Can anyone recommend a newish mini-pci card that might work well? If you 
have a recent notebook with WiFi that works well out of the box, I'd 
love to know what WiFi chipset it uses.

My next step is to try a Dell 1490, which uses the b43 Broadcom 
driver... I don't think I'll have access to "A" on that card, but a good 
working "G" will suffice.

Any recommendations greatly appreciated. Tnx.


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