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Thu Oct 30 00:33:26 UTC 2008

I posted a concern about my laptop detecting my chips not having the proper film ware driver and I learned this when I attempted to access a graphical mode not sure if that is correct name but I typed in ctrl+alt+f2 when I learned the need.
I went to HP first stating my need for 43b but not knowing which version. They told me I goggled and finally posted to this forum.
Fran immediately solved my problem by answering
If you install the b43-fwcutter package with the synaptic package
manager and you have a working Internet connection you will be asked
if you want to download the necessary Broadcom proprietary stuff.
Say yes and the firmware will be extracted and installed automatically.
And I take this opportunity to thank you Frans and the respect I 
have gained a great deal of respect for synaptic managers, thoughtful
developers and certainly all you guys and gals who contribute.
Even the ones with the attitudes.

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