OT: printer support [was: Re: Should I add this Repo?]

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Wed Oct 29 20:25:40 UTC 2008

Leonard Chatagnier wrote:

> You know Derek, you really are a obnoxious smart ass of a person, but
> others have told you that before. 

Well, actually, only one on this list whose opinion in any way matters to

> The only time you've ever responded to 
> my posts is to be critical with little if any help provided. 

Well, THIS thread started with me trying to be very helpful.  Sorry you
didn't think that was the case.  However, now it's degenerated simply to
the point that I'm wondering when exactly it IS that you're planning to
leave it alone and give me the last word.

> I'd like to meet you face to face and hear you make some of the comments
> you are prone to do, the attitude adjustment would be forthcoming and the
> laughing_out_loud would come from the othr side of your teeth. But you'd
> have to travel from Canada to SoutheastTexas where people are friendly and
> know proper manors and behavior. 

Excuse me?  You've just threatened to beat me up, and you tell me that _you_
know about manners and behaviour?

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