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Mark Haney mhaney at
Wed Oct 29 17:51:49 UTC 2008

Karl Larsen wrote:
>     I have Intrepid up but it is not useful because it can't be used yet 
> for a nVidia computer. I looked at the grub control file menu.lst on 
> this version and it is quite different from the one on Hardy.

Yes, grub has been updated rather significantly.

>     It appears that the Intrepid grub uses the uucp tags for everything! 
> No more root= and such. I transfered the Intrepid grub boot to my Hardy 
> menu.lst but it will not work. Grub errors out with 15 meaning it can't 
> find the kernel :-)

I'm going to assume you mean UUID tags and not UUCP?  Why would you 
transfer a grub file from one OS to another?  Linux or not, that's insane.

>     So now I can't boot Intrepid and if I do I get no x-windows. So I am 
> not too hot to fix this since I HATE to try and fix X-windows!

You don't need to fix X, just wait until the full version comes out with 
proper support.  You'd be amazed what changes are made between a RC and 
a Gold.

> Karl
> ps: Ubuntu Hardy runs fine on this computer :-)

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