[OT] documents for the general public need to be generally readable

Bart Silverstrim bsilver at chrononomicon.com
Wed Oct 29 16:17:06 UTC 2008

Wade Smart wrote:

> Does this work for you ever time?
> I just tried with one of the documents I received from the school and it 
> worked :D but it didnt on another. Both just have text, no macros, no 
> tables or anything that might possibly though it off.

It works for me when I don't delete the x.

OpenOffice...like I said before...was working on compatibility with 
docx. Changing the extension doesn't change the format...if you take a 
.doc file and change it to a .txt does OO still open it properly? 
Probably due to the way it's trying to actually pull what the format is 
instead of relying on extension, but that's just a guess.

Others have commented on the list that they have trouble with 
compatibility or some documents don't work. I've been opening docx 
documents for a couple months with OO.o on Hardy.

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