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> Kjetil Halvorsen said the following on 10/27/2008 09:01 AM:
> > Finally I have the RC running, with kde 4, and is VERY
> disappointed. 
> > Earlier, kde was better than gnome at least because
> the screen was light 
> > and easy to read.
> > Now, with kde 4, I need new lenses to be able to read
> the screen! What 
> > can I do to get back to the look & feel from kde
> 3?
> Same problem here with fonts on firefox and t'bird.  I
> can't find a fix, 
> so am trying gnome instead.  Let us know if you find a fix,
> and I'll try 
> it here too.
> regards,
Sorry you guys are having trouble with kde4 on Intrepid(RC means that I think). I'm still on Hardy and love ked4, up to date. The eye candy is much better than gnome or kde IMHO. I'm not having any font problems but don't really have a need of them and usually use arial or what's available from the default install. With my eyes, I just use CTRL ++ a lot.-:) Sorry, that I can't give any help, but perhaps you could fall back to Hardy or wait for the updates in Intrepid. I did have some issues with nvidia restricted drivers, mostly of my own doing and not knowing, but now everything seems to be lined out.  Good luck in whatever you decide but hope you and others pick up on kde4 so we can compare issues, etc.

Leonard Chatagnier
lenc5570 at sbcglobal.net

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