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Anna EdwARds wrote:
>>> Anna, it may not be that you are on your cell but you also arent making > > any sense.> >> > What doesnt make sense to you about what I just said?> > That you current setup no longer works?> > That you are getting new hardware with duel nics?> > That your new pc you want to be a router?> >> > I just restated what you have already said.> >> > What "not quite" isnt right?> >> > Wade> >> >> >> > > Wade just delete all from this person on the Ubuntu list. She is a > total nonsense person on Hotmail that has no reason to even try Ubuntu.> > Karl
> Excuse me? I know full well how to use ubuntu. I wanted an entirely new setup with the following specifications.
> It will have a setup like the following.> >> > > > > it will have a computer with 2 e-cards, one connected to comcast,> >> > > one connected to the LAN. It needs to act as a router, forewarding the> >> > > web server requests to annas-web-server and the emails to anything to> >> > > annas-email-server. For the rest of the packets, I need them sent to> >> > > were they are meant for. I want any inter-lan data to be forwarded to> >> > > were it was origionally intended for. I also need a web server and > >> email> >> > > server and a mailing list server.
> I know how to use ubuntu. I am one of two eight graders in this school that know how to. If you would have read the origional request, I wouldn't have to explain anything. I try to help out, but noone wants me to. About half a year ago, I was trying to help people. Then Ioannus kept on calling my emails spam. Then I quit it. I am trying to write a book on linux, but no matter how I think, I can't get my questions answered. I am trying to learn how to get past thinking about my hot girlfriend who i just found out to be socialist. So should I simply unsubscribe?
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You know, I spent about 20 minutes writing up a great reply to this, but 
  at this stage of the thread, I'm calling TROLL.

Anna, unless you can give us any reason to continue this thread, then 
don't waste my bandwidth.  You aren't trying to help us understand, so 
at this point, I'm just not going to even bother with the thread any 

If someone else wants to help, that's fine.  I'm just not bothering with 
this person anymore.

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