Backup tool for home computer

Bo Grimes boslists at
Tue Oct 28 18:07:27 UTC 2008

On Tue, Oct 28, 2008 at 05:47:18PM +0100, Chris Bia wrote:

> sometimes a little bit of RTFM is Good....

Well to be fair, it wasn't very straight forward (the sbackup install, that
is.)  I am using Linux Mint which comes with a neat back-up tool
(mintBackup), but I don't like to use many distro specific tools because I
never know how long I'll be using a distro.

So, I also installed sbackup to check it out based on this thread.  I also
couldn't figure out how to run it.  I didn't see it in my menus (didn't
check Admin. though) and sbackup didn't work as a command, so what I did was
run 'locate sbackup', saw the README and opened it.

The I checked my Administration menu and sure enough it was there, though I
also saw all the config files with locate and could have done it that way.

So, I was in the same spot as the OP.  I just know the locate command,
though a Google and a glace at sbackup's sourceforge page would have been
almost as fast, I imagine.

Anyway, yeah, I agree, but I also like the chance to help with the small
stuff because I have received so much help over the years, and I can't help
with the big stuff.  If a psychologist were doing word associations on me
and said 'kernel' I'd still say 'popcorn.' :-)

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