How can I execute an iptables script at login time?

Bo Grimes boslists at
Mon Oct 27 18:34:29 UTC 2008

On Mon, Oct 27, 2008 at 07:06:14PM +0100, Zoltán Horváth wrote:
> Hello for all:
> I did not believe in this very quick answer and solution. This is the
> Community and the English language. In first place the Community. The
> rc.local method is suits for me.


Please do not take this as an insult.  I can't help with firewalls, but I
might help you communicate in English.  By the way you phrased that, a casual
reader who didn't follow the thread might think you were being dismissive
instead of astonished.

In English "I don't believe in" means one does not think something is true. 
What you meant, I think, is "I don't believe how fast this community
provided me with a solution."  The use of "don't believe how" expresses
surprised delight or astonishment, but not actual disbelief.

Again, no insult intended.  You're way ahead of me.  I only speak English,
and that with a Southern drawl.  Some native English speakers don't
understand me. :-)

BTW, if you want the current teen-speak version it might be something like
"That was sick how fast you solved my problem."


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