Newby help: Changing to Thunderbird instead of Eveloution

tux tux2 at
Fri Oct 24 22:36:00 UTC 2008

Just had my computer upgraded so I could run Ubuntu instead of Xubuntu.
I have used Mozilla browsers and e-mail for years. I would like to get
uninstall Evolution. I have tried twice and lost the menu bars (?) on
top and bottom of my desktop. I have had to reinstall Ubuntu. I have it
tweaked so would rather not have to do it again. I luckily stumbled
through the partitioning. Until I a sure everything is working on the
rebuild, I have to leave XP Pro on a partition so the guy who rebuilt it
can fix any problems. Then I can get of Windows for good.

The last time I uninstalled Evolution I saw Synaptic was going to
uninstall the Ubuntu desktop even though I had not checked it. How do I
uninstall Evolution and not uninstall my desktop?

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