Upgrade to 810 breaks xorg again

Frank McCormick fmccormick at videotron.ca
Fri Oct 24 20:45:40 UTC 2008

Frank McCormick wrote:
> Just did an upgrade to 8.10 (bear for punishment) and can't get X
> running in anything but 800x640. The video is Intel 865...the monitor an
> lg but there is neither an intel driver nor even the crappy i810 driver.
> What are we supposed to do. Incidentally the upgrade totally screwed the
> grub setup again...but then you gotta expect these things.
> Appealing for help yet again!
> Cheers

Forget it. Found the driver. Installed it and I'm happy again. HOWEVER I
can't understand why Synaptic and aptitude can't find it never mind
install it. I had exactly the same problem last week with 8.04 and
solved it the same way after a kind person here gave me the direct link
to the intel driver.
Got any ideas....yes all the repositories are enabled.


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