Printing question - Cups ipp printer from Windows XP

Rashkae ubuntu at
Fri Oct 24 13:43:50 UTC 2008

Linda wrote:

> I just played with the fonts, some print correctly, some do not. If you 
> export as a pdf, the pdf prints correctly. Unfortunately a lot of 
> teachers require times new roman which is a font that does not print 
> correctly. If anyone has an idea for a fix it would be great, otherwise 
> I'll just have my kids convert to a pdf first as a work around if they 
> have to use a nonworking font.
>                                     Thanks
>                                      Linda

Sorry I don't have a solution for your real problem.  But I just want to
check, you are aware that you can install the actual printer driver for
the printer in Windows instead of the Cups driver?  If you use Samba
printer sharing to Windows instead of cups, you can even install the
Windows drivers in Linux so Windows will automatically find and download
them as needed.

Windows IPP support is.... pathetic at best.  (compared to the printing
nervana that is Linux and Mac networking.)

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