Crash bug in 8.04

Arnaldur Hilmisson arnaldur at
Thu Oct 23 15:28:33 UTC 2008

Hi all

I have a crash bug in 8.04 that I'm having problems verifying.

The problem occurs when transporting large amounts of data, video
files to be exact, to a samba share on my network hosted on a mac
mini. The short description is that my ubuntu systems hangs and the
only way to restart is to hold the pwr button down for 3 sec to

My machine is thinkpad T60 using ethernet and the e1000 driver, the
network is far from perfect, one old switch that connnects to the main
switch, but my machine and the mac are connected to the same switch.
My intial thought was that the switch was overloading and going into
broadcast mode and somehow causing the machine to hang, but I lack the
network knowledge to gather evidence.

Is there any way to log this crash? or any other suggestions to help
me verify and report this bug.


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