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H.S. wrote:
>> Install the FreeNX server on Ubuntu and the NX Client from
>> on the Windows box. Alternately, you can use the closed-source but
>> no-cost version of the NX Server from NoMachine on Ubuntu but you're
>> limited to how many concurrent connections you can have. This is a
>> faster and more secure solution than VNC.
> This is interesting. Can you give some idea of how fast this option is
> compared to the remote desktop server in Ubuntu?

I have tested straight VNC vs. VNC over NX and the latter is faster.

> Also, how is it more secure?

NX runs over ssh.

Read <>.

We've used FreeNX and the Windows NX Client to deploy "fat-client" PyKDE
applications to Windows users before and it worked marvellously well. A
few years ago, we used NX with a client who need to tag, adjust, and
crop a few thousand high-res photos so that we could import the tags
into a web application we built using Django backed by PostgreSQL. He
would login to our server (over the Internet) onto which we had put the
high-res photos using the Windows NX client and use a combination of
Digikam and graphics editing software to get the job done. Digikam
stores its data in a SQLite database so it was quite easy to extract the
tags using Python and populate our PostgreSQL database. The user in
question was not a sophisticated user but he had no problem with the

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