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> > Hi
> >
> > I have got a USB connected drive which crashed recently. I can still
> > mount its partitions, but for certain directories and files, I get an
> > Input/Output error. How can I diagnose this further and what action
> > should I unertake to clean up the disk.
> >
> > Tx/Alain
> >
> >  
>     Tell us what file system the hard drive partitions have. How many
> partitions? What are you checking the data with? Is it only a certain
> file system that is failing?

The HD was a NAS device but it failed at startup to get a network connection. 
A friend of mine had a look at it and transformed it into an USB device. Their 
are 2 partitions on it, linux ext2 filesystem, one partition is small and used 
by the device self the other partition has the data. I can mount the data 
without problem, but ls gives INPUT/OUTPUT error  for certain 
files/directories, while others are still accessible. Those files/dirs I can 
access have been transferred to another HD, but their are still some file/dirs 
I would like to recover.


> Karl

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