server question

Joep L. Blom jlblom at
Thu Oct 23 07:26:21 UTC 2008

Linda schreef:

> Karl,
>   First of all, I don't use Hotmail. I will admit to being a less than 
> perfect typist, a definite issue when writing programs. I do not need to 
> learn networking I've used IPchains and IPtables for scratch firewalls 
> in the past with a dialup connection. However since I am working on 
> setting up the IMAP server everyone is recommending, and moving our 
> business to broadband.  I thought I had better set up a dedicated 
> firewall machine. This is an excellent review of the basics with 
> examples for everything from how to setup a SOHO network to a nationwide 
> ISP. The author currently works for Global NOC of Interroute Europe's 
> largest voice and data network provider. It also is rather mind numbing 
> perhaps you should read it.
>                        Linda
You mentioned the use of a stand-alone firewall. Did you think of LEAF?
I use this stand-alone firewall more than 5 years, using an old 
K6-system, memory only (yes I know, I am somewhat paranoid) but it is 
the best and most stable firewall, I've seen. It is based on shorewall 
and has a lot of additional packages. It is maybe worthwhile to look it 

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