Switching from Hardy to Intrepid

Karl Larsen k5di at zianet.com
Wed Oct 22 21:52:27 UTC 2008

David McNally wrote:
> Hi, everyone.
> I've been using Hardy for a while now, and I've been seeing a lot of good
> things about Intrepid. I know that I'll upgrade once the final version (not
> the beta) is available, but until then, I'm not sure whether to upgrade or
> not.
> I know that the final version will be out in only 8 days, but should I
> upgrade now anyway? And, in the future, should I upgrade immediately when a
> beta is out, or wait until the final is out?
> I know that the Intrepid Beta will have all of the features that final
> version of Intrepid will have, but I'm afraid that it will have too many
> bugs.
    Well it is no secret that when you change to the next version of 
Ubuntu you will get a flurry of updates some which correct complaints 
you might make. I change because it is fun and I make it very easy to do.

    My user directory is called /karl which is in it's own partition 
called /dev/sda5 and today I use it on Hardy and some days I use it on 
Gutsy. In 10 days I will use it on Intrepid. This means my email and my 
web-browsing all still work on the new system. This is the way to do things.



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