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Neil Cherry ncherry at linuxha.com
Wed Oct 22 13:34:26 UTC 2008

Thorny wrote:


> Sounds like an IBM XT clone, I still have one of those too but wasn't
> it 640K RAM? I also have the next model an AT, which has a
> harddrive as well as those two FDDs. And a 386, and a 486, and some
> assorted P1s. I keep telling myself I'm going to set them all up again
> some day, but I imagine I will expire first, I haven't even started
> on that project since retiring.

I still have a running IBM PC (pre XT) with only 64K soldered in but
upgraded to 640K of RAM. It has a nice old 20M drive. Run DOS 3.2 ;-)

> Anybody else ever have a Sinclair Z-80? It had a whole 1K RAM and BASIC
> was built-in in ROM and it loaded programs from a tape drive (voice tape
> drive with a data quality tape). Video was composite to a TV. It was
> common for it to take several restarts for the tape to be correctly read.
> It's where I started to learn to program in BASIC, was an affordable
> little box which was capable of holding my attempts at "Hello world" Price
> was around $100 USD, or maybe a little bit more, I shudder to think what
> that would be in today's dollars.

I have several 'frisbees', one with a real keyboard soldered on and
a TS-1000 kit, unassembled.

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